How to Make a Comment / Title Bold in Instagram

Add flare to your Instagram text!

So I’ve noticed people boldtexting a lot more on Instagram, so I figured I’d tell you how one would go about doing that.

It’s fairly straightforward and simple. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards and select “Thai:”



Once that’s done, navigate back to Instagram. Go to add a comment on a post. Begin your comment with an asterisk: * and add the new Thai character circled below:



Now, type your comment. It will not look bold until after you post it, but I promise it will work once you do!



26 comments on “How to Make a Comment / Title Bold in Instagram

  • mia

    i cant! yyy ??

  • Katie Mellark

    The whole Thai thing didn’t work for me 🙁 I was wondering if there’s any other way I could do it, my Instagram username is @melalalark so you can check my bio I’m just confused

  • Girl

    How do you make your website bold? Like under your IG bio?

  • sarina valentina

    Can I talk about this on my twitter feed?

  • Pook

    Thanks you so much! I didn’t even know this is how to do it even I’m Thai! 🙂 thanks again

  • LadyDior

    What if your on a computer

    • ReagentX

      It should work, make sure you have a bowl of carrots in case the CD drive gets stuck.

  • Chels.

    So this applies to when I want to bold txt in my bio?

    • ReagentX

      I don’t think so. Your full name is bold be default, I haven’t tried it with normal text.

  • Sophia

    When i try to make paragraths on my instagram, the return button on my keyboard isnt there anymore. I thought this was very weird because it has always been then when i did paragraths on my instagram captions, but now its not there. I have a galaxyS2 and i have GoKeyboard. Please help!

  • Kayla Johnson

    How do you make paragraphs in your captions. I need to know, I’ved tried to press the ‘return’ button, but it didnt work. I’ve even tried to press the ‘space bar’ a bunch of times, but that also didnt work. Please help me, you can kik me at …. thg_catchingfirejay . Please help.

    • ReagentX

      I believe the return key on the Thai keyboard also works to do this.

    • Stephanie Mac

      Go on notes, and then type anything out. To make the spaces press return and write something else. Copy and paste to IG and tadah!

  • Olivia

    How do I leave paragraphs in the Instagram bio? I was told that I should press the space bar a lot of times. But it didn’t work! Please help!

    • ReagentX

      On the web version of your profile, (on your computer, go to[username] and login). Then you can edit your bio using your full keyboard on your computer. Alternately, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone or iPad. Hope this helps!

  • Issie

    How do I write my name in bold in bio box?

    • ReagentX

      Go to your profile, tap “Edit Profile” and type in the box that says “Name”

      • Issie

        Lol!!!!! Wow I totally missed that box!!! Thanks got it now!!!

  • Kacey Buckner

    how do you write a new paragraph using the thai keyboard in an instagram post? a few people have told me to use the enter key on the thai keyboard- however that does not work for me.. anyone know the answer?!

  • Ali Cat

    Thanks sooo much it helped A LOT!!

  • Nfssdd

    That key isn’t there!

    • ReagentX

      Are you sure you’re using the correct keyboard?

    • Jay

      I’m def not seein it either I’ve tried every way imagineable and nothing works

      • ReagentX

        Very interesting… It shows up for me. Make sure you press the shift key or something.

  • Soosoo

    Thank You Very Much it Help me Alot It’s Working in my I Pad

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