Minecraft IDs for iOS and Android

A simple Minecraft reference guide

MineIDs for Minecraft is the only app that has been updated to work with the latest release, 1.8.1!

The App is available for iOS and Android.

All Items, Blocks, Mobs, Potions, and Enchantments are available to search and scroll through, including their variations! MineIDs is the best Minecraft reference app on the store. App features include:
·Lists of every single Block, Item, Potion, Mob, and Enchantment in Minecraft
·iOS 8 Compatibility
·iPad Compatibility
·Android Lollipop Compatibility
·Searchable database of all block, item, mob, potion, and enchantment IDs
·Search by Name or Keyword (IE, armor brings up all types of armor, not just horse armor)
·Tap on an item for more info
·Wiki integration
·Auto-updating list, instantly get new item updates without waiting for an app update!

This app assists you with the /give console command in Minecraft to generate specific blocks and items in your world.

The syntax of the command is:
/give [playername] minecraft:[blockname] [amount]

For example, “/give rxcs minecraft:dirt 32” will give the user ‘rxcs’ 32 blocks of dirt. Optionally, you can leave off the quantity value to generate only a single block.

Please note: the /give command only works in multiplayer worlds where you have ‘op’ permissions or where the game mode allows it.

This app is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB.

Version 2.1 was released on December 10, 2014.



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