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Hi all! However you've stumbled here, whether from my Twitter or Tumblr, you've found an amazing haven for all things tech and photography! Inside you'll find a veritable treasure trove of images, information, and other interesting tidbits, so start exploring! I'll catch you all on the other side!

-Reagent X

  • Marsa Alam underawter close up
  • Turrimetta Beach - Dawn
  • Power Station


Want higher resolution?

Here at Reagent X Technologies, we love high resolution. I'm sure you do too! We specialize in high-quality imagery (from iPhone UI graphics to digital and analog photography), so don't hesitate to stop and check out my portfolio! The camera setup we frequently use is a Canon Rebel t3i, but we have used anything from a 60D to an iPhone! There's a short preview to the right, just for you! And don't hesitate to tell your friends, I'm sure they'll love you for it!




Technology. It evolves and constantly and has changed our lives. Anything from the iPhone to Anonymous, as well as security glitches and other general technologies are present in this blog.



Photography is something many people can do, but few are good at. Graphic design is this way as well. This blog encompasses both photography and graphic design into one amazing place.